is a scam

I created this webpage to ensure no one else loses their money from the resume service called

I am hoping that this simple placeholder will educate others on not making the same mistake I have made.
I purchased a huge resume package and spent over $430 on the package.

After numerous delays by their "resume writer" I received my package. I did have to go through a re-write several times but even towards the end, the resume just never "popped" in my opinion. Over the course of 2 months, I selectively applied for over 40 jobs that I was very interested in. Of all the jobs I applied for, I received 0 response. Many of these jobs I was highly qualified and could do in my sleep.

When I reached back out to them, they told me they can't do an update unless I purchase another resume "review" package.
I told them, I would never repurchase but asked for a 30 minute review of the resume they made by another writer. All was denied.

I have involved my legal council at this time in requesting a full refund. All I wanted originally was a 30 minute update. However, after all of this time I have wasted, the cost of my council to prepare letters, I now want a full refund.

They are being hosted by Amazon with the IP address of: (As of 12/2023)
They are not US based and use non-english resume writers

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This website is a review of Resumes Planet, or

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